Saturday, July 01, 2006

Some sightseeing pictures

This is one of the spires of the Bodleian Library. The columns each represent a different era of classical architechtural design.

This is our friend the "Jesus Duck," who we see on our walk from the vines to Wycliffe Hall through University Park. I'm not sure how well you can see it in the photo, but he's standing on top of the water. Yesterday he was standing on the railing of the bridge, giving us a sermon.

Who is this William Stickers guy, and what do the English have against him?

The view down St. Aldate's street from the corner of High Street. That's Tom Tower, park of Christchurch College.

This is from inside the chapel at Keble College, which is almost just across the street from Wycliffe Hall.


Blogger Rus said...

Great pictures. How did you feel while you were at the Kilns and the Pond. Knowing that the Jack would have sat on that stone bench, did it make the experience more transcendent?

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

3:56 pm  
Blogger Daniel Jackson said...

The experience was a bit odd. I'm decidedly modern in my approach to criticism, so the more metaphysical aspects of my "religious" attitude don't show up as much.

I think this time spent studying Lewis is helping me get over that. "Religion " (in the modern sense of the word) is, after all, an invention of those who desire to steal the power of Christianity.
Even if that's the case, I shouldn't revere the place where Lewis sat any more than I should feel strange in, let's say, a place where my parents first met.

Maybe that wouldn't be so bad after all...

4:23 pm  

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