Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A cool little link

This story made me laugh. Monks and laser printers, what a combo.
Those crazy Cistercians.
Maybe the rest of the church should look at their example a little bit closer... Is this a good way to be "in, but not of"?


Anonymous Mom said...

Monk ebusiness. That’s cute. I enjoyed the article. But in our churches, most members are already spending their hours working at jobs for pay, and then give a portion of that to the church. They generally don't want another job; and the pastor doesn't want another job, even if he only has a small congregation. If you paid someone to run the business, using the earnings from the business, then it would be harder to get volunteers to come in to help with the labor - they would think "well, that guy is getting paid for this job, let him do the work." But for the monastery it looks perfect. They have slave labor -- much more efficient and consistent than volunteers. Perhaps a soup kitchen could do it - people could fill cartridges (or whatever work the business did), in exchange for their soup. Unless they were regulars, though, it wouldn't be worth it to show them what to do; and some people have a problem with asking others to work for their soup - they want it to be a free gift. This was a long comment - I'd better get back to work.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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