Thursday, August 10, 2006

The time has come...

My time in Oxford has been over for almost a month now, but I've decided that I like blogging enough to continue thrusting my rambling banter upon the unsuspecting world. The title of this blog is adverse to its purpose, Therefore, I will remove the more recent postings from this site and continue my writing on a different site:

The 'blog you are reading will remain as a chronicle of my journeys in England.

I will try to finish expanding the record of my time in Oxford with the rest of the images from my trip and some more complete descriptions. I have quite a few collections of images I intended to stitch together for a more panoramic view of England; we shall see if my photoshop skills are up to snuff. I shall also finish the C.S. Lewis commentary, though I have my doubts about any continued interest. (Posterity is, as always, the most captive audience.)


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