Friday, July 21, 2006

London 20th/21st

I dropped my suitcase and computer bag off at the airport with the 'excess baggage co.' Then I took the tube to Loughton, on the other side of London.
Several hours of sticky commuter travel later (it's not the heat, it's the humanity!) I got to the station. Then I walked. Not as steep as Headington Hill in Oxford, but not the way I had hoped to begin my vacation-time.

Luckily it's faster if you don't take the road; it still took me 1.5hrs with the pack + daypack + trying to figure out where the place was. The Next morning the Campsite owner showed me a shortcut (You can see it on the map if you look just North of the campsite--"just go out the gate and walk straight.")

It's a beautiful area. Horse and cow pasture all around, with a nice, accessible forested area in the middle. Everyone was out walking their Greyhounds and Irish Setters and Arabs. (Errr... Arabian horses. I met one names Andre, didn't get the rider's name.)
Lots of Mercs and convertibles. One fellow who lives near the campsite drives a very nice 1960s Bentley, I didn't get a shot of it, unfortunately.

The campsite is what I would expect from any campsite, except that there's a police artillery training site nearby, so my sleep was interrupted by helecopter activity at 2 in the AM.
I guess that's better than bears...


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