Friday, July 21, 2006

recap: last week

So, last Friday (the 14th...) I went to Salisbury. Stonehenge was okay, but they don't let you get close enough.No Admittance.

Here's a shot of me with a few friends from the program, M.J. and Emily.

Salisbury cathedral was cool. Big, big stone buildings always are, I suppose. We climbed almost all the way to the top of the spire, we were above the bell room when it struck 2:00. Not as loud as I thought it would be, but some people thought it was painful. There are a lot of steps to get that high... I can't remember exactly how many. What's really key is that they're tiny little faerie-steps, so going down is actually harder than going up.
Trapped like rats!

View of the seating area from the walkways above

Saturday I went into London to meet Jim. (Hi Jim!)
We saw:

Buckingham Palace,

Big Ben,

as well as the Tate modern, the Globe (Anthony&Cleopatra was all sold out, sadly...) and then we went for evensong at St. Paul's. What a choir...

After the day was through (well, after Jim's jetlag set in and I started thinking about essays...) we went to the place he was staying and out for curry. Good food, good times. Jim's in Delhi now. (Jim, is your luggage there yet?)

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday I wrote for around 60 hours. Two essays, two book reviews, 8,000 words. Yikes. Some people started looking at me funny when they found out I was going to write all night, like I was crazy or something. Maybe I am crazy. Some of them were surprised that I actually finished everything; I don't know what that's about... It's like they've never seen me pull an all-nighter for last-minute essays before...)


I wish I could have done more research in Oxford. The library is great, though I didn't really get a chance to figure out the catalogue system at all. My professors all wanted lots of personal critical input, not so much research, so that's what I wrote.


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